Year 8 and 9 Mathematics, Science and Technology


This week

This week we are studying Probability.

Next week

We will continue to study Probability.

Topics we have already studied

Linear Relationships


There will be a test at the end of the four week unit on LInear Relationships.    An assignment will be completed for Probability.    Number will be assessed by a test.

DO YOU HAVE YOUR TEXTBOOKS YET???   Bring a USB to have them downloaded.

On the Mathletics site ( the only available options are the topics under instruction.   Students should be using the Mathletics site to revise, practice and improve their skills.   All students are expected to log on to this site outside of school hours to practice topic skills.
Another good site for revision of classwork is
Notes, examples and exercises should be read over every night to improve understanding.
I would encourage all students to revise their work every night, and to pay attention to hints and revision sheets that are distributed in class.
Assignments should be completed on time.

Financial Mathematics

In this topic we will completing a number of modules from a program called Financial Soccer supplied by Visa.   You will find each module below.   Each module has a quiz and written exercises.   These are included in the PowerPoint or can be collected from Miss Julie.
Why is the topic called Financial Soccer?   Because, like soccer, successful financial management requires strategy, finesse and endurance.
A glossary of terms is located at

Completion of all modules will assist you in playing the game, located at the following URL:
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