Year 8 and 9 Mathematics, Science and Technology


Homework (Girls)

Complete first 3 Geometry topics on mathletics - due Monday!
Quadrilaterals worksheet - due Monday!

Homework (Boys)

Complete first 3 Geometry topics on mathletics - due Sunday!

Additional Worksheets

We are currently doing a geometry unit covering angles, congruency, proofs, transformations and properties of triangles/polygons/quadrilaterals.


Types of Angles

Triangle Types

Angle Estimates


Naming Triangles

Impossible Triangles


Naming Quadrilaterals


Homework Policy

Homework Students should be practising questions from the relevant sections of the text book each night (minimum 20 minutes).  (The text book is available digitally from the teacher.  Students must provide a USB stick for a copy.  Yes, students have been aware of this since the beginning of the year).  Sometimes the teacher will set certain tasks, other times the students will be encouraged to set their own tasks, based on their identified areas of weakness.  Regardless, there is never an excuse of 'The teacher didn't give me any homework.'  To this, I would reply 'Practice anyway.  20 minutes at least.  GO!'
On the Mathletics site ( the only available options are the topics under instruction.   Students should be using the Mathletics site to revise, practice and improve their skills.   All students are expected to log on to this site outside of school hours to practice topic skills.
Notes, examples and exercises should be read over every night to improve understanding.
I would encourage all students to revise their work every night, and to pay attention to hints and revision sheets that are distributed in class.
Assignments should be completed on time.


Multiplying Mixed Numbers

Dividing Mixed Numbers

Comparing Mixed Numbers

Adding Mixed Numbers

Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Order of Operations

Word Problems

Order of Operations

Order of Operations 1

Order of Operations 2


Power Rules

NEW TOPIC: Scientific Notation

Converting between Standard Form and Scientific Notation