Year 8 and 9 Mathematics, Science and Technology


Homework (Girls)


Homework (Boys)

Complete Forensics Questions - due Wednesday!

Science Lab Resources

Lab Manual
This is a copy of the lab manual which was handed out to the students at the begining of the year. Any information needed for laboratory safety awareness and the equipment we use is here.

How to Write a Lab Report
This is a word document explaining how we write a lab report. If students are unaware on how to write a lab report, this is the document to refer to.

How to Write a Lab Report (PPT)
This is a PowerPoint presentation that Miss Ainslie created explaining how to write a lab report. It explains what is required in every sub-heading and also has an example on every slide, showing how to write up each section.

Lab Report Criteria Sheet - IMPORTANT!!!!!

General Science Links

How Stuff Works
Want to know how anything and everything works? HowStuffWorks is a great webpage with written information, videos to watch and interactive activities in order to help you understand how things really work.

Love watching Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman goof around while learning a bit about science? On the official MythBusters webpage, you can watch various clips from the show, play games or even submit a myth!

Bill Nye the Science Guy
A great webpage with lots of videos, projects and games. Bill Nye the Sciene Guy used to be a show about science and until now is seen as one of the best science shows for kids/teens!

ScienceNews for Kids
Keep up to date with everything going on in the world of science. This webpage has the latest news aimed at young adults, science games and puzzles.

Your Weight on Other Worlds
Calculate your weight on other worlds! :)

Your Age on Other Worlds
Calculate your age on other worlds! :)